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All these sites are really cool. I visited all of them and I hope you'll like 'em too !


My favorite links : you absolutely gotta visit these !!!

           A very comprehensive website devoted to Lebanon and the Middle East. Tons of info. Go visit it !!!

           A Khalil Gibran links page. No further comment needed.

           The excellent English-language newspaper in Lebanon. The Qana memorial page is so moving I cried.

           Lebanese White Pages. A great initiative to link the Lebanese community over the borders.


Lebanese or Arab sites

           Top 50 Lebanese sites on the Net. Vote for me !!!

           Arabic news, in brief.

           Encyclopaedia of the Orient : for those who might want clarifications on any Middle East topic.

           The well-known French daily for Lebanon.

           Also tons of resources, and fairly detailed country data for all Arab countries from Maghreb to the Gulf.

           Hizbullah's website. Good information on the activities of the resistance.

           An Israeli mother's association calling for peace in Lebanon. Very good site.

           News, business, and background information on Lebanon.

           A number of categorized links on this page. (by purpose)

           Another links page, this time divided in Arab/Lebanese/Islamic categories


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