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Welcome to The Voice of Free Lebanon !

The purpose of this site is to create a space of virtual freedom - while we are still waiting for true freedom - for any Lebanese concerned about making himself heard (or for anyone interested in expressing himself on Lebanon). Each one can post his opinion, thoughts or feelings to participate in this online democracy or censorship-free space – call it whatever you want. Thus, if you feel that you have anything to say, you are welcome to share it with your fellow brothers.

This is an initiative that aims at creating an independent space of national union and communication to bring the Lebanese people together. All the opinions are welcome, as the idea is to bring people together rather than discriminate. Please note that we boast in not being affiliated to any organization, association, party, movement or sect.

In these hard times of war, occupation, and censorship, it’s the least I can do for my Lebanon. This is my own way of celebrating the Independence Day. Independence means freedom, it means sovereignty, it means respect from other nations. They can take everything away from us, but they cannot take our dignity…

Now say what you think aloud. It’s worth the effort! This is a truly democratic page…


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Created Nov. 22, 1999

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If you own copyright to any material on this site and wish it to be removed, please let me know and it will be removed immediately.
(this is a new and independent initiative that is absolutely not related to any party, movement, organization or sect)